The Best Beaches

The Best Beaches in Boracay

The White Beach –

This beach put Boracay on the map and is a 5 kilometer beach with white powdery sand which is actually finely ground coral. It is made into 3 stations. The White Beach is Boracay’s most popular stretch of shore and it has hotels, resorts, restaurants, shopping malls, and bars.

At the far end of Station One there is a expensive resort called the Discovery Shores and it is at the northern end of the beach. It is also the finest sand on the 5 kilometer beach.

If you are looking to save money then you need to visit the Station Three area and if you want to go the middle of the road then Station Two is where you need to be at.

The white beach has a great party scene. And the party destinations range from the Epic which is the biggest club on the border of Station One and Station Two. Also another great one is the Aplaya Beach Bar.

Then there is Cocomangas were the big drinkers go and you can get your name on a plaque on the bar’s wall if you drink the 15 different shots of alcohol.

Almost all of the bars along Station Two have live music which is of for the most part great music.


Puka Shell Beach –

Also called Yapak Beach it is only 800 meters long on the northern tip and I have to say the most beautiful beach on the Boracay island.

Puka Shell Beach has not seen the rampant development that the Boracay’s main beaches have and is almost rural compared to the rest of the beaches in the surrounding area.

When you arrive on the beach you will see stalls selling all of jewelry from the island area.


Ilig Iligan Beach –

This out of the way beach is on the upper eastern north tip of the island close to Yapak Beach. The beach is usually lined with fishing boats. The best time to go to this part of the island is from May to October that is when the monsoon winds start to shift and this part of the season is know as the habagad. There is beautiful and scenic snorkeling/diving in this area but the things that you need to look out for is the strong current.